A Jersey woman is on a mission to raise awareness about a rare type of cancer, after losing part of her hand and finger to the disease.

Twenty-seven-year-old Jessica Minty was diagnosed with Sarcoma in September last year.

Since then she has had five rounds of chemotherapy and five weeks of radiotherapy in an attempt to reduce the tumour.

But it took four years for doctors to accurately diagnose the illness. She told ITV News: "It felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall by the end of it. I was just thinking oh please just help me and tell me what it is even if it is something really terrible, help me so I can move on."

GPs say it's a difficult disease to diagnose.

Sarcoma's relatively rare and the likelihood is that a pain in a muscle or a pain in the hand is going to be a pulled muscle or something like that. It's about making sure that we know we've safety netted with a patient about coming back, if things aren't improving, if the lump's getting bigger, if the pain's getting worse, if it's not responding to painkillers and make sure we've put those safety parameters in place to make sure we're covering the rare eventualities.

Phillipa Venn, Jersey GP
Credit: sarcoma.org.uk

Sarcoma affects 1% of adult cancer patients and about 15% of young patients.

There are around one hundred different types affecting many areas of the body, such as the soft tissue, bones, nerves and cartilage.


New cases of Sarcoma are diagnosed in the UK each year.

UK charity, Sarcoma UK is raising awareness among GPs and the public, so more people can recognise the signs of sarcoma in the early stages.

You can find out more information about the charity and the work it carries out, by clicking here to be taken to its website.