The best chance to see shooting stars

Tonight is a great opportunity to see shooting stars.

The annual display of Perseid meteor showers is underway and tonight is expected to be the peak.

People star-gazing could see as many as two or three dozen in an hour.

When is best to watch?

Guernsey's Astronomical Society says they can be seen from anywhere, but a dark location, away from pollution, will help you see more.

They say to start watching from 10 pm but more meteors are likely to be seen in the early morning hours, before 4.30 am (on Thursday). This is because the point where the meteors are coming from (the constellation of Perseus) gets higher in the sky as the night goes on.

What causes the display?

Guernsey's Astronomical Society says meteors are caused by meteoroids, which are tiny fluffy particles entering the Earth's atmosphere from space atspeeds of over 100,000 miles per hour. The flash of light we can see is the burning up of the particle 50 miles up, ionising the air as it does so.