Jerseyman sets new world record - and get stung along the way!

A new world record has been set by a Jerseyman this weekend.

Neil Faudemer has become the first man ever to swim from Guernsey to Jersey.

He completed the 20-mile route in a time of 14 hours and 57 minutes.

Neil's swimming route

It was the 55-year-old's fifth attempt at the challenge.

He has been forced to quit before because of being swept away, hypothermia, seasickness and severe jellyfish stings.

Neil set off from St Martins Point in Guernsey at 11.45am on Friday, with his crew Sarah Pierce, Sports Minister Steve Pallett, swimmer Wendy Trehiou and pilot Mathew Clarke.

Both pilot and swimmer were challenged with very strong cross tides and a ground swell of up to 9ft at times.

Neil was also faced with jellyfish. Seen in abundance in the sea this year, he says he was stung continually during the challenge.

Faudemer becomes the first man to cross the Channel Island divide. Only Ruth Oldham previously managed the feat in 1964.