Watch: Patients tell us why Jersey Hospice Care is so important to them

As part of our special Jersey Hospice Care programme, on the day of the Hospice lottery draw, our reporter Jess Savage met the people who rely on the Hospice so much.

Jean Clapham has a serious lung condition, she's been coming to Jersey Hospice Care as a day patient for 6 months.

She sees a physio team twice a week and is reaching new goals all the time.

Jean appreciates every single staff member who, she says, all give her something different.

The Hospice has become a home away from home for her, but not long ago things were very different for her.

As well as day services, Jersey Hospice are also doing more home visits thanks to a new team of clinical nurse specialists.

Ruth Curzon has terminal cancer and is benefiting from the home visits.

She said accepting that she needed help was very difficult.

You can watch the full report below and see our coverage of the Jersey Hospice Million Pound Lottery tonight from 6pm, where the £1 million number will be drawn live.