Sophia's blog: Will we see an Indian Summer?

An Indian summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn Credit: PA stills

As we drift into the first full week of September and things have started to look brighter, there's lots of talk about whether the islands will experience a so-called 'Indian Summer'.

Here's what our weather presenter Sophia Bird has to say on a sunny September...

Indian Summers are normally classed as a period of warm weather (after a period of exceptional cold conditions!) in October. More technically an Indian summer is defined as a period of five consecutive days where temperatures are at least 5°C above average.

After a spell of wet weather at the end of August, the start of September has been more like summer with dry conditions, although temperatures are still a little below average.

Although in meteorological terms, we are actually in Autumn now, from an astronomical point of view it is still Summer, and this is where we have an issue with people using the term 'Indian Summer!'

So we have some time to wait - another month in fact.

An Indian Summer, must also see temperatures five degrees above the average temperature, for at least five consecutive days. Average temperatures for 7th September through to 13th is 20°C. Today (Monday) we will be lucky to get to 18°C (which is therefore below average) and by the end of the week, we might have two days at 23°C, so none of the criteria are met there either!

This week we will have a spell of dry and sunny weather though - great news for late holiday makers, but the winds are easterly and it will feel a touch on the cool side until they turn south easterly towards the end of the week and draw up continental air.

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