Animated video aims to prevent oil tank leaks

Jersey's Environment Department is hoping to prevent leaks from privately owned oil tanks in the island, with a new animated video.

The short film explains to residents how they should maintain an oil tank to stop leaks and pollution.

It comes a week after a pond in Grands Vaux was polluted by an oil spill which injured a number of wild birds. The incident is being investigated.

Around 100 incidents of pollution are reported in Jersey every year, roughly a third are oil leaks.

Heating oil leaks cause serious damage to the environment by contaminating ground and drinking water, it can pollute streams and harm wildlife.

As the nights are getting chillier, people start to think about heating and getting their tanks filled for the winter. Before you make that call, just take a few minutes to watch the animation and see a few ideas about how to prevent an oil leak and avoid the consequent expense and damage to the environment.

Shelley Hawkins, Water Resource Management and Regulation Officer