After an anti-austerity march at the weekend, union leaders have hit out at the Government's plans to save money saying they are 'aiming at the wrong people'.

£70m is planned to be cut from the public sector wage bill, meaning pay freezes, outsourcing and most likely job losses.

It's to fill a £145m financial 'black hole'.

John McNichol from Jersey Nursing Association said this is not a crisis of public spending, but a crisis of taxation.

Another leader described the workforce as 'scared' and under appreciated.

Greg Firkins from Unite said workers come to him 'almost in tears' because of the situation.

There are also fears that the Medium Term Financial Plan (to save money) is unlikely to change, according to Nick Corbel from Unite.

He says there a better alternatives to the proposed plans and they are hoping to persuade the States to reconsider them.

Jersey States are due to start debating the MTFP tomorrow.