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Stepping back into Jersey's Ice Age

Islanders in Jersey had their first chance to meet Barbu this weekend.

The life-size neanderthal model is the centre-piece at Jersey Museum's new exhibition on the Ice Age.

Barbu is surrounded by priceless objects that show what we know about his life.

Jersey's own findings play a central role in the exhibition, and for good reason as the island is an important part of understanding the Ice Age across northern Europe, as Olga Finch explains.

The local items are also joined by a number of pieces from the UK and France.

These include a cast of prints from the oldest footprints found outside Africa, and million year old pine cones.

They help show Jersey's history in a wider context as during the Ice Age Jersey wasn't an island.

Louise Downie, from Jersey Heritage, says she hopes people will use the exhibition to explore more of the island's past.