Bodybuilders sculpt their bodies using weights most of us can barely lift off the floor and have to eat food many of us couldn't stomach.

But their devotion to the gym, and their dedication to moulding muscles, isn't always held up in the highest esteem.

They say it's because bodybuilding is a sport weighted down by a stigma that it is unhealthy.

Some bodybuilders what to challenge that perception. Aneta Lemanowicz is training for the British Championships in the UK this month where she will compete in a class called Physique, using poses to show how she has perfected her body.

I wake up at 7 O'Clock every day, have my water, then go on a treadmill for an hour, get ready, come to work; in the middle of the day or the evening I train; it takes up to two hours, it depends what I'm training. After training I eat and then I go on the treadmill for an hour again.

Aneta Lemanowicz, Bodybuilder

For many bodybuilders, training is all about fitness and trying to better themselves.

Ryan Hodgson has just qualified for a British competition next year and his training has already begun. He loves transforming his body and showing how hard he's worked.

[Protein Powder] It helps your muscles recover. So when we're training, we're training intensely, breaking muscle fibres down, the protein molecules are gonna help repair your muscle fibres. So the idea now for me is I want to put on a bit of muscle, to grow them a little bit bigger.

Ryan Hodgson, Bodybuilder

Ryan's hoping bodybuilding will get a bigger following, pointing out that it can combat stress and help you focus.