The special sheep saving other species

A herd of rare breed sheep is going from strength to strength on Jersey's cliffsides and because they're doing so well, they're also helping out another endangered species too.

The Manx Longhorn, are a hardy rare breed that love to munch away on swathes of bracken.

Since their introduction, the flock have been invaluable in addressing the widespread degradation that has taken place along the island's north coast.

When bracken takes over, as it dies off, it creates a thick layer of mulch, from all the dead plant from over the years. That's so thick it stops any sunlight getting through and stops any other plants coming through as well. But where the sheep have been grazing, they've chewed back the bracken so much that grass has been able to grow up, promoting all sorts of biodiversity.

This habitat is good for the recently reintroduced chough colony, as it gives them a better environment to flourish in.

Katie Robinson has been to see the sheep to find out more.