Members of the public are being invited to watch the live extraction of gold jewellery from a huge Celtic coin hoard found in Jersey.

Richard Miles and Reg Mead made the discovery while out with their metal detectors in 2012.

The hoard included more than 70,000 coins and other items, buried in Grouville 2,000 years ago.

The discovery of the coin hoard

It is the largest Celtic coin hoard ever discovered.

When conservators began working to disassemble the hoard, they were unaware of how much jewellery it contained, as it was too thick to X Ray.

We have revealed them all over a twelve month period, but we have left them in place until the whole layer was clear and we could laser scan them in situ before removing them. The laser scanner is incredibly accurate and it will enable us to incorporate the data from the jewellery into a bigger 3D computer model we are building.

Neil Mahrer, conservator

The removal is taking place live at La Hougue Bie Museum, between 10am-4pm every day until Friday 27th November.

Credit: Jersey Heritage

Conservation experts say the torques would have been considered as royal jewellery by the Celts and would only have been worn by very important people.

It is hoped once they are removed they can be analysed to help paint a clearer picture of the hoard's history.

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