Liberate say pressure group campaign against same sex marriage backfired

Equality charity Liberate have said a campaign to stop same sex marriage in Guernsey has backfired.

UK based pressure group C4M took out a half-page advert in a local newspaper claiming approving equal marriage would 'redefine' marriage and make it 'genderless'.

However equality charity Liberate said they have had an outpouring of support over the issue.

They told ITV News they were initially upset, but it has turned into a 'massively positive' thing.

C4M's advert encouraged islanders to email their deputies to express any concerns they may have over the potential change in law.

It's expected that the States will vote to approve same sex marriage next week, following Jersey who approved the change earlier this year.

Some island churches have written to deputies already, advising them to vote 'no'.

The pressure group claim islanders approached them with concerns.