Dramatic explosions and a business ruined: After the 40ft fire

Firefighters 40ft in the air

Firefighters in Jersey tackled a major fire from 40ft above the ground this morning.

The blaze broke out around 5 am today at the Gallichan Marine building in St Aubin.

Eye witnesses said the flames were high, it sounded like gunfire, the smoke was acrid and the heat intense.

The Gallichan Marine building was destroyed, the roof vented meaning flames were 30-40ft above it.

Bob Gallichan ran his business from the building for the past 28 years, he said he 'couldn't comprehend' what had happened.

Damage to the Gallichan Marine building
Damage to the Gallichan Marine building

Homes in the area were evacuated by the emergency services, residents gathered in the Parish Hall.

Emergency services were worried about the safety of the surrounding buildings because of their age, saying they could have been a 'risk'.

There were adding complications from the working boat yard; dangerous and highly flammable chemicals were inside.

Aerosols caused explosions and the fire destroyed the entire property.