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Meteors light up the sky this weekend

A meteor streaks across the sky Photo: David Becker / Zuma Press/Press Association Images

The Geminid Meteor shower will be visible across the Channel Islands this weekend.

Spectators will be able to see over one hundred meteors burn up in the sky.

The spectacle is known as one of the best night sky events of the year.

Meteors are made of dust and grit that is shot out of asteroids; when they collide with the Earth's atmosphere they burn up creating 'shooting stars'.

The display has been going on for almost a week but it peaks between the 13th and 15th of December, although it will be visible this evening as well.

The meteors are generally never big enough to reach the ground, they are destroyed before they can reach it so they create no danger.

Here are some tips for seeing the spectacular:

  • Go to the darkest place possible
  • Find somewhere with a low horizon too, so there's nothing blocking the sky
  • Let your eyes adapt to the darkness
  • Midnight is the best time to look for the meteors