PHOTOS: Stunning sunrises and sunsets in the Channel Islands

The channel Islands have been spoiled for choice with the recent sunrises and sunsets and viewers have been out in force to capture the moments.

Sunrises are created when water molecules, air molecules and/or airborne particles scatter through white sunlight as they pass through the Earth's atmosphere.

Sunset colours are typically more brilliant than sunrise colours, because the evening air contains more particles than morning air.

Sophia, our weather presenter, has shown some viewers' photographs on her weather bulletins recently, and will continue to do so as the sunrises and sunsets continue.

Taken by Georgie Cottini this morning at La Rocque in Jersey
Taken at Cobo by Cindy Kay on Tuesday 10th November
Taken by Chris Falloon in Alderney
Taken by Richard Bougeard
Taken by George Fiodoruk when descending into Jersey this morning by plane
Taken last Saturday by Chris Eve on Queen's Road
Taken by Kelci Scanlon at Castle Quay at the Waterfront in Jersey

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