Was it the warmest and wettest December on record?

Credit: Sophia Bird

The Channel Islands weather has been mild and wet for a while now but interestingly, despite the UK Met issuing data that shows it was the warmest and wettest December on record, for the Channel Islands the story was a little different.

ITV Channel TV's weather presenter, Sophia Bird, examines the wet and warm winter we've had so far.

December saw the same storms as the UK make an impact across the islands, but infact we did not have the wettest December on record.

The islands received between 80 and 85mm of rainfall in December, whereas an average December would experience 113mm.

As for the 'warmest December', well For Guernsey, this was certainly true with temperatures averaging 11.6. The 30 year average was only 7.7 degrees.

For Jersey it was the 4th warmest December on record with other years (2014, 2011 and 1989) being warmer. The average temperature for 2015 was 12.89 degrees.

Remaining unsettled

But it looks as though the wet and mild weather is staying with us for a bit longer. So far this January, Jersey has had just over half its typical monthly rainfall in just 5 days, and Guernsey isn't far off the same statistic, but we have a long way to go before it's a record breaker.

Current thinking is that we will escape the cold north easterly wind that is expected to lower UK temperatures over the next few days. Instead, temperatures remain average or above, but it will remain fairly unsettled with showers on most days.

I'll have more on the forecasts throughout the week, and of course I'll update my twitter feed with the latest information.