Programme teaching pupils financial skills scrapped in Guernsey

Citizens Advice Guernsey say the are "very worried" that the government has scrapped funding for a programme that taught young people financial skills, such as budgeting.

Teachers will now teach financial skills themselves, rather than advisers visiting schools directly.

Citizens Advice Guernsey set up the programme in schools in 2011 which included special training material for children aged 12 and upwards.

Each year pupils were taught different aspects of finance and budgeting, with the aim of preventing people from getting into debt.

Citizens Advice Guernsey said they conducted over 120 sessions with 1,700 pupils.

Lessons included teaching the basic differences between debit and credit cards, as well as how to budget for food.

It also included how to plan for the future, such as when at college or university.

Kate Raleigh form Citizens Advice Guernsey said they have now handed over session notes to school teachers, but is concerned that such a valuable course has ended.