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Care Inquiry evidence 'fabricated', says Former Home Affairs Minister


Evidence presented to Jersey’s Independent Care Inquiry could be ‘fabricated’, according to a former Home Affairs Minister.

Deputy Andrew Lewis is giving evidence in front of the panel today.

He was the man who suspended Police Chief Graham Power in 2008, over concerns about the management of Operation Rectangle – the investigation into historical child abuse.

Deputy Lewis was shown a note, apparently made after a meeting with his predecessor, Wendy Kinnard when he was Assistant Home Affairs Mininster, which stated that they discussed suspending Graham Power – weeks before Deputy Lewis said it was first mentioned to him.

He claimed the meeting was an informal one, discussing an upcoming change in the law, which would make it easier for prosecutors to bring those accused of child abuse to court, but that isn’t mentioned in the note at all.

If this is a genuine note of that meeting why doesn’t it talk about the corroboration discussion that we had? Why is it just focusing on this?


Deputy Lewis told the panel that the note must have not been written until years later and should not be used as evidence.

Yesterday as she gave evidence herself, Ms Kinnard said the note was written by her husband, Christopher Harris, that night, because she wanted to make a record of what was discussed, but was in a rush to go out for the evening.

But Deputy Lewis said the handwriting wasn’t scruffy enough to be hastily written.

I would love to have this carbon dated.

I don’t believe this was written at any time, until possibly years after this meeting, because there’s no mention of the substantive discussion about corroboration.

Most of this has come out at later stages, in fact years later, so I would say this is a complete fabrication. In fact I’m quite aghast that Mr Harris, who is a lawyer I believe, could even suggest presenting this as evidence.

The word ‘suspension’ was never used until November so that’s why I’m absolutely emphatic this is not a true and accurate record of that meeting. In fact it’s not a record of any meeting that I can possibly remember.


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