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'Billy Whizz' coaches Jersey's next generation of rugby players


Very few people have managed to make an impact in both Rugby League and Rugby Union, Jason Robinson is one of them.

The 2003 World Cup winner and Wigan Warrior legend is now retired from the sport but that doesn't stop him wanting to make sure that the next generation gets all the help they can.

He was in Jersey this weekend to help inspire the Island's young academy players:

Robinson was full of praise for Jersey's current run of form in the Championship, saying that the club has produced some fantastic players.

And he's backed some of the academy's current recruits to be able to make it into the first team someday.

The children left the pitch inspired, saying meeting Robinson was like meeting 'the Messi of Rugby'. They praised his hands on approach to coaching saying that they'd learned lots of useful skills to bring onto the pitch.

Before he left the former England international challenged the children to a sprint race, proving that he's still deserving of his nickname 'Billy Whizz'.

But this new generation was fast on his heels and clearly very nearly ready to take over.

Billy Whizz showing-off his famous speed

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