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Jersey Met's Radar to be upgraded

Most of us want to know when it's going to rain, and there are various ways for us to do that - from just looking out of the window, to watching our forecasts and receiving updates on Twitter. But for many, including pilots and our weather presenter Sophia, the Jersey Met radar is probably the most important piece of equipment Channel Islanders can refer to, as it shows exactly what is happening and when! It takes into account the precipitation in the air, the speed in which it is travelling, and its direction.

Jersey Met's radar provides the Channel Islands with this image:

Radar image Credit: Jersey Met Dep

Jersey Met first secured funds for the radar in 1979 and this helped with short term forecasting and since then it has stood proud on Jersey's headland.

The golf ball shaped structure is due to be upgraded this June, and as a result, UK Met engineers are here today to scope out the job. The radar will be turned off for a few hours today for assessment work, and then it will be turned off for 2 weeks in June while the maintenance is carried out.

Sophia will be keeping track of its progress and will bring a report when the work is being done. In the meantime we will continue to appreciate the assistance from the grand structure which is so important to islanders.

If you want to see the rainfall on the radar - click here (although it will be down for a couple of hours while the engineers look at it today!)

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