Rugby legend Zinzan Brooke says Jersey is like New Zealand; a small place punching above its weight

Credit: PA

In an exclusive interview with ITV Channel Sport, rugby legend Zinzan Brooke said he thinks Jersey is comparable to his home country of New Zealand; both are small places punching way above their weight in the world of rugby.

Zinzan Brooke is regarded by many rugby specialists as one of the best players the game has ever produced.

Brooke was most influential as a number 8, he played 58 tests and 42 non-international matches for the All Blacks. He also captained the Auckland Blues to two Super 12 championships in 1996 and 1997.

He scored 17 tries in Test matches, then a world record for a forward.

He was invited to Jersey by Moore Stephens to give a talk at a Rugby themed dinner.

We asked him what he thought about Jersey Rugby Club's current run of form and the club potentially finishing the season in the play-off's.

Brooke said he wasn't surprised that Jersey were so close to knocking on the Championship door and compared Jersey to New Zealand:

And yes we did have to ask him about 'That kick'.

One of Zinzan's most famous, or infamous moments if your an England supporter, came in the semi finals of the 1995 Rugby World Cup, when he picked up a loss ball inside his own half and booted an unbelievable 48 metre drop-goal at Wembley against England.

The All Blacks went on to win the game, but lost in the Finals to South Africa.

When asked how he developed such an incredible kicking ability as a forward, Brooke said the answer was simple: 'Rugby Golf'

The former All Black used some of his time on the island to share some tips with local children; and he left impressed by what he saw.

He says that on footwork alone, there are eight or nine children he worked with that could have the potential to follow in his path:

With nine potential Zinzan's on a future team, that would certainly put Jersey on the rugby map.