Jersey hero takes on 12 challenges in 12 months to raise money for charity

When Ryan Heath decided he would raise money for charity he decided he would go all out, taking on 12 challenges in 12 months.

This Herculean venture includes a variety of physically and mentally challenging tasks like White Collar Boxing, a Swim-marathon and even Sky-Diving.

Ryan hopes to raise a minimum of £12,000 by pushing his body and his mind through his monthly tests.

The 38-year-old has just completed his second task, for him one of the most daunting: abseiling down Gorey Castle. For someone who's terrified of heights this is no mean feat.

The hardest part is not to look down. But I had a good team behind me so after we managed to get together a bit of banter it was alright in the end."

Ryan Heath

Ryan safely survived his abseiling ordeal and is now preparing his next challenge: a swimarathon in March.

If you want to help Ryan and find out more about his challenges please head to his fundraising page.

Full list of challenges:

  • Jan: Balls of Steel

  • Feb: Abseiling down Gorey Castle

  • Mar: Swimarathon

  • Apr: Rowathon

  • May: Sky Dive

  • Jun: White Collar Boxing

  • Jul: Triathlon

  • Aug:Around the Rock Walk

  • Sep: Dragon Boat Race

  • Oct: Marathon

  • Nov: Around the rock cycle

  • Dec: East to West run