Parents of Adrian Lynch - 'He was the son every parent hopes for'

Sharon and Danny Lynch

"I should have been gone before him", the words from Adrian Lynch's father today as he and his wife Sharon speak out for the first time since their son Adrian went missing.

Despite extensive police searches no trace of the young man has been found.

Speaking to the media for the first time today Adrian's father and step-mother described what they've been through as "any parent's worst nightmare".

"We know he's dead, we just want to find him".

The couple say they are desperate for closure.

The 20-year-old went missing in the early hours of Saturday 5th December, following a work Christmas party.

He was dropped off by a taxi in the Carrefour Selous area and it is believed he became disorientated, possibly started suffering from hypothermia and got himself into a situation he couldn't get out off.

There is no evidence of third party involvement.

Below is a timeline of events from 5th December, the morning that Adrian went missing.

  • 00:00 Adrian is dropped off by a taxi at the junction of La Rue and Ruette D'Avranches.

  • 00:15 Male seen looking unsteady on his feet by taxi passenger.

  • 00:15 Seen by a driver leaning against a wall, then later lying in the road.

  • 00:20 Seen speaking to a driver.

  • 00:25 Person spotted on a grassy bank area.

  • 00:35 Second sighting of person in hedge.

  • 01:00 Heard shouting in Rue de la Golarde, then seen by same person.

  • 01:10 Seen by homeowner in Rue de la Golarde.

  • 01:35 Seen by car driver near David Hicks.

  • 01:40 Heard shouting by Bon Air Stables.

  • 01:50 Spoke to homeowner in Le Clos de Devant.

  • 01:55 Seen walking along La Fraide Rue.

  • 02:00 Heard shouting on St Lawrence main road.

  • 02:09/02:17 Seen on Thistle Grove CCTV.

  • 08:40 Mobile and wallet found

  • 10:30 Belt found