Sophia Bird has update on RED storm warning

Sophia is on storm watch again as a new system moves in from the west and sweeps down the channel and affects the islands today (Wednesday).

An area of low pressure is responsible for the strong winds and rain which are moving across the islands.

The winds will be at their worst from lunchtime into the afternoon, so not clearing as quickly as last weeks stormy conditions.

Jersey Met have issued a red storm warning saying how north westerly winds will be storm force 10 with gusts to 65knots (70mph).

Sophia would like to emphasise, however, that this is for the entire Channel Islands area, which extends into the middle of the channel - between the UK and Alderney, so actually the strongest of these winds will be in the mid channel.

Over the islands themselves, we are expecting a severe gale force 9 with gusts to around 70mph.

This morning, however, at 11.30, Alderney had already registered a gust of 74mph.

The activity from the low perssure cell is affecting the south coast of England before it arrives here, and there have been reports of the winds touching 89mph in Berry Head in Devon.

Sophia will continue to have updates in her bulletins throughout the day, and on twitter @SophiaWeather