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Health Minister 'ashamed' of child mental health facility

Inside the Jersey Care Inquiry's Seaton Place offices Photo:

Jersey's Health Minister says he is 'ashamed' of the mental health facilities available for young people in the island.

Senator Andrew Green is giving evidence to the investigation into historical abuse in Jersey.

He has been asked by the panel about the child and adolescent mental health service, known as CAMHS, which he says is often intervening too late.

We wait until we have major problems and then attempt to deal with them instead of early intervention. Very often a child gets into trouble and ends up in the youth court. We have some good projects that help.I want to see CAMHS in a much better environment. I've visited CAMHS and I am ashamed of the building. It's not about palatial facilities for the staff, it's about appropriate facilities for young people."

– Senator Andrew Green, Health Minister

He has also hit out at fellow politicians who he claims don't take personal responsibility for ensuring young people are fully protected and supported by the States, which he described as ‘the corporate parent.’

A lot of members think it is the HSSD minister's problem and don't take it seriously. We need more training. We're all responsible. Maybe it needs to be set in law and set in the oath, maybe the oath should be about being a corporate parent.

– Senator Andrew Green, Health Minister

He has revealed £230,000 has been ear marked to provide training to the States, including for politicians, to ensure everybody plays their part.

The Minister also wants more help made available as the children get older.

We can't just cut them off and cast them adrift. We can't just say you're 18 and you're on your own, or 25 and on your own.

– Senator Andrew Green, Health Minister

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