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'Enhanced police presence' at Ports following Brussels attacks

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There will be an 'enhanced police presence' at Channel Island ports, following deadly attacks in Brussels.

Jersey Police say they have not identified any intelligence to suggest the island is under threat, but say increasing patrols is 'standard procedure.'

It is common practice following a critical incident of this nature to step-up security at the ports. In order to reassure islanders and in particular, commuters, they may now see an enhanced police presence at the airport and harbour.

– States of Jersey Police

Meanwhile, Guernsey airport has issued a message of reassurance.

The UK Aviation Threat levels have not changed. We wish to reassure the public that there is no increased threat to aviation locally as a result of the incidents in Brussels. There will be increased vigilance at Guernsey & Alderney Airports.

– Guernsey Airport

Guernsey Police, who increased security at island gateways following the Paris terror attacks last November, say they won't be doing anything differently.

The local threat level hasn't changed. We continue to carry out increased security checks on passengers arriving in the island."

– Guernsey Police

Meanwhile Jersey airport has asked passengers to be 'vigilant' when travelling off island.

Ports of Jersey advice to air and sea passengers is to remain vigilant at all times. The safety and security of our passengers and staff is of the utmost concern to us and we will take any appropriate measures asked of us to ensure their journey experience with us remains a smooth one.

– Ports of Jersey

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