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Guernsey Election: St Sampson District - List of Candidates

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Seats available

Polling Stations

Chambre de la Douzaine, Le Murier - 10:00am to 8:00pm

Church School, Grandes Maisons Road - 10:00am to 8:00pm

Any person registered on the Electoral Roll for St Sampson will be able to vote at either polling station.


Hustings: A hustings meeting will be arranged by the district's Returning Officer and information in relation to the timings and venue will be included on the website once known.


List of candidates


Candidate: Michael BEAUMONT

Nominated and Seconded by: Robin Bougourd and Pamela Joy Drakefield

Nomination received: 14:05 on the 24th March 2016

Telephone: 243257 / 07839 243 247


Statement: I moved to this idyllic island 5 years ago but had visited it many times since being a contractor at the power station in the early 1980’s. I’m standing for election as I consider Guernsey is being ruined by weak government and mismanagement. I believe that as a business person I can help to unravel the mess the island finds itself in. It will not be easy, will take time and mean that there will be disappointment for some as not everything is affordable; the island cannot afford to waste money as it has in the past.


Candidate: Paul Raymond LE PELLEY

Nominated and Seconded by: Daniel Peter Le Cheminant and Leonard John Allen

Nomination received: 14:42 on the 21st March 2016


Candidate: Samantha Jane MAINDONALD

Nominated and Seconded by: Emily Alice Maindonald and Sophie Alice Maindonald

Nomination received: 08:55 on the 29th March 2016


Candidate: Carl Peter MEERVELD

Nominated and Seconded by: Sharon Rose Ozanne and Philip Andrew Dodd

Nomination received: 15:30 on the 30th March 2016

Telephone: 01481 248439 / 07781 447738


Statement: After spending 30 years working around the World, my wife and I brought our two sons back to raise them in my childhood parish of St Sampson. But, I have become concerned about the significant issues we face that are not being resolved.

I have decided to stand as a Deputy to help resolve these issues and preserve our island as a wonderful safe place to live and raise a family.

I cannot change the way the States work overnight. But, I will push for focus and action in dealing with the difficult issues we face.


Candidate: Jennifer Sue MERRETT

Nominated and Seconded by: Ruth Elizabeth Mahy and Andrea Simone Fitton

Nomination received: 13:33 on the 21st March 2016



Statement: If elected I will represent the people of Guernsey with integrity, commitment and common sense.

Innovation and individuals working together have ensured that Guernsey has its own unique culture. We need to protect our heritage whilst ensuring economic security and prosperity. I would seek measures to deliver a balanced budget whilst opposing GST and any increase in government borrowing. The people of Guernsey must have a proper say in how their government is formed, IWV would be a start and referenda must follow.

Future States must secure the Island’s future through sustainable economic development and rigorous control of States expenditure.


Candidate: Martyn Roy ROUSSEL

Nominated and Seconded by: Haley Louise Camp and Jamie Clark Lowe

Nomination received: 14:30 on the 22nd March 2016


Twitter: @martynroussel

Statement: I became interested in Guernsey politics a few years ago when I began to use social media in earnest and followed the Assembly debates. I thought many strategies were flawed and we had become a Tax & Spend island. I could see the warning signs that Grammar might be at risk. Unfortunately it came true.

As a proud Guernseyman I can’t just stand aside as the States flounders. I have fresh ideas and plans on how to improve the island. Vote for me, and those like me, so that we can get things done. Thank you.


Candidate: Karen Joy SOLWAY

Nominated and Seconded by: Andrew Robert Ingrouille and Janet Doreen Neill

Nomination received: 12:55 on the 23rd March 2016


Statement: There is no doubt that the challenges that face the island in the next 4 years will be many and varied. Most important is finding new ways to make our economy vibrant again. Education needs to be bought back on track, schools can and should be centres of the community and should not be being closed. We have too cut government waste so we can use those funds to improve our health services, transport links, schools. If you would like to have someone to bring back balance and common sense approach then please consider me for one of your votes.


Candidate: Tania Jane (commonly known as Jane) STEPHENS

Nominated and Seconded by: Leonard John Allen and Patricia Irene Yabsley

Nomination received: 09:03 on the 21st March 2016

Twitter: @jstephensgsy


Statement: Working within a tight budget means that when funding services we must focus on what is essential to our health and well-being, including the ‘Cinderella’ social services. The quality and the value for money aspects of services should be regularly reported on to the public so we know how well services are performing. A cross-departmental services delivery plan and budget might promote realistic expectations and flexibility, so services are more likely to be provided to the right people at the right time and in the right way. Savings made through joint working might help fill current gaps in services.


Candidate: Kevin Andrew STEWART

Nominated and Seconded by: Sue Baker Pamela and Christine Woodberry

Nomination received: 13:53 on the 22nd March 2016

Twitter: @kevinstewartgsy


Manifesto link:

Statement: I believe in low taxes, small government, looking after those that need it, and less of the nanny state.

I voted against GST because hard working families don’t want to pay any more taxes.

We have to modernise our health service and ensure it is run well.

I am a huge supporter of the Guernsey Disability Alliance and I am saddened that so little has been delivered particularly when I voted for extra resource.

On Education I agreed that the existing 11 Plus system had run its course but I am in favour of keeping some form of assessment.


Candidate: Gavin Anthony ST. PIER

Nominated and Seconded by: Steven Grant Ferbrache and Anne Shirley Ewing

Nomination received: 09:51 on the 21st March 2016


Twitter: @gavinstpier

Statement: Government should not only provide public services; it needs also to provide aspirational leadership. My goal is that in the next 10 years Guernsey aims to become the healthiest and happiest community in the world, with a sustainable environment and a secure, successful and stable economy.I care passionately about Guernsey. I want it to be a place that my children can thrive. That is what drives me and is why I remain committed to working hard in the best interests of the community. The most difficult decisions are the most contentious; I have never flinched from making those decisions.


Candidate: Lyndon Sean TROTT

Nominated and Seconded by: Peter Leonard Gillson and David Leonard Wilson

Nomination received: 10:45 on the 22nd March 2016



Insist that hard-working families keep as much of their hard-earned income as possible through sticking to policies that keep States spending and taxes under control.

Ensure that pensioners continue to receive the help and support that they need. They are not a burden; they are people who have made a lifelong contribution to our island.

Fight for our island and stand up to the international threats which face our finance and fishing industries in particular.

Continue to represent St Sampson’s with energy and experience, whether in opposing over-development, over-crowding or over-spending by government.

Drive the next States to set the priorities we need to keep our economy strong, including secure air and sea links, balancing the books and living within our means.

Consult with as many St Sampson’s electors as possible in order to understand whether you believe that the States decision to end all forms of selection at 11 was the right one.

Maintain my support for Island wide voting and my opposition to paid parking and GST.


Candidate: Anthony David Canivet (commonly known as Tony) WEBBER

Nominated and Seconded by: John Edward Hunter and Frank Kohlschein

Nomination received: 09:00 on the 23rd March 2016

Statement: I am a Guernseyman, professionally qualified, with wide business, financial and thirteen years previous States experience. Father and grandfather.

I will work for :

Stronger economy/fairer society

More trustworthy, transparent States

Island Wide Voting

Renew Reciprocal Health Agreement.

Stop millions being wasted on outside consultants

Stop cutting services and bringing in stealth taxes

Have stability, selection, equality in education- with four Secondary schools

Waste strategy- no more delay

More reliable and fairly priced Aurigny and Condor travel

Improve affordable buying and renting housing

Give people a stake in their society

Fairer treatment on pensions

And Much more.

Let’s build a Better Guernsey.


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