‘Things are getting worse the longer this goes on’ - Adrian Lynch’s family

Adrian Lynch went missing on December 5th 2015

The family of missing islander, Adrian Lynch, have produced a new flyer detailing information about the 20-year-old.

His father and step-mother have also released a statement, highlighting the impact Adrian’s disappearance has had on their lives.

Four months have passed since Adrian was last seen and although time is said to be a great healer, in this case that doesn’t seem to be true. Not knowing where he is or what happened to him on that night is just unbearable and it feels as though things are just getting worse, the longer this goes on.

Danny and Sharon Lynch

The flyer gives details of items Adrian had with him on the night he vanished after a work Christmas party. The family have asked the public to keep these in mind.Here is how they have been described:

His family have thanked people for their help in producing the flyers, saying they were 'unsure' whether people would be willing.

We are extremely grateful for the generosity that they have shown to us and we have been moved to tears by the help that has been offered because we were unsure whether we would get any help at all with this. We cannot thank them enough as well as all the people that gave up their time to search or hand out posters or flyers in the months after Ady’s disappearance.

Danny and Sharon Lynch