Don't get caught out by the high tide

Vazon Bay on Thursday evening Credit: Trevor Mahy

The high tide and big swell mean that water will be thrown over the sea walls along Jersey's south coast and Guernsey's west coast over the next couple of days. Islanders have already been caught out by high tides and further tide warnings have been issued for tonight and tomorrow.

Yesterday afternoon, three teenagers were trapped by the oncoming tide on the sea wall at West Park and needed urgent assistance. Jersey Fire and Rescue, Jersey Police and the RNLI assisted in bringing them to safety.

The sunshine and light winds have not been the most obvious reminder that spring tides are upon us. Current spring tides are likely to reach 12 metres, but despite the fairly light winds, there is a huge swell from the sea (a surge of water due to the pressure systems that build in the Atlantic and head towards the islands). This means that the tides come in fast, slightly higher and can catch people out.

Jersey Met has issued a tide warning, in particular for Jersey's south coast for tonight's high tide around 8pm and tomorrow mornings 8.50am tide. But Guernsey Met has issued a flood warning as the tide height is expected to be 10.2 metres. With the winds increasing a little from the west, there is a greater risk along the west coast, for water to be thrown over the walls.

Jersey has already experienced stones being thrown over on the last two high tides, and islanders should take extra care of high water if traveling along the coastal roads at high tides.

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