Jersey thriller taking world by storm

It was over twenty years ago when crime drama Bergerac put Jersey on the world stage, but now there's a new detective on the scene fighting crime in the Bailiwicks.

DCI Jack Le Claire is the star of Blood In The Sand, a locally written book that is now taking the world by storm. Written by local author Julie Collins under her pen name of Kelly Clayton.

But like all good crime thrillers, there's more to the new book than meets the eye. Writing a novel is a big achievement for anyone, but for Julie Collins it was much more than that, her book helped her best friend through serious illness and ultimately recovery.

Friend Claire had been diagnosed with Leukemia and airlifted to hospital at what was to be the beginning of a nightmare period of her life. Julie has been writing fiction for over twenty years, but never finished a book.

It was a visit to Claire in hospital after her diagnosis that got the ball rolling.

She had been there about a week and I went over and she said you have never read me any of you stories will you read me one, I said I will tell you what I will do, I will read you two, maybe two thousand words each and pick one of them and I will finish it for you. I thought that would be something to keep her mind occupied when she was there and so she chose the book which eventually became blood in the sand.


To make things easier for Claire, Julie would send installments of the story on tape. The crime thriller made Claire's time under going a bone marrow transplant in the UK just that little bit more bearable.

Claire Davidson

It transported me back home and when you are in Bournemouth and a long way away from home you know it was really comforting to listen to. I was transported back on the beach where I walked my dogs it was lovely It lifted me when it was a really tough time in my life.


Having completed the novel for Claire, Julie was encouraged to take it one step further and make the novel into a proper published book. The jet set business woman by day was suddenly seeing her first book purchased around the world ... the crime novel is selling fast.

It's actually done quite well, I haven't really promoted it that much but amazingly I have been selling some copies in Europe and some in America. When you see a new review and you know they have enjoyed it, it is just absolutely amazing.


And it won't be long until there's another Kelly Clayton on the selves, Julie is already working on a sequel due later this year.

Another chapter for this first time author and for her best friend who she helped in her darkest hour.