The big Anglican church fall out in brief...

It's been a messy few years for the Anglican Church in Jersey.

A parishioner made an allegation of abuse at the hands of a church figure.

The Bishop of Winchester, who at the time oversaw Jersey, investigated and suspended the Dean for mishandling things.

Cue a big fall out which led, ultimately to the Archbishop of Canterbury stepping in and putting the Bishop of Dover in charge - pushing Winchester out of the frame, and allowing the Dean to resume work.

But, in the meantime, two separate investigations into safeguarding in the church were ordered. We still don't officially know what they say.

Three years on, out of the blue the Archbishop of Canterbury apologises to the Dean Bob Key and his wife Daphne for the hurt and agro they've faced.

While, pointedly, the Bishop of Winchester issues an apology to the alleged abuse victim for everything they've been put through.

And late last night, a source close to the Bishop of Winchester phoned me directly to make the point that while others were apologising to the Dean, the Bishop of Winchester was focused on the care and support needed by the woman at the heart of this. The subtext: the rest of them are more interested in themselves.


So where are we?

The Dean's back in his job. The manager he didn't like, the Bishop of Winchester, is no longer his boss. And the alleged victim remains, according to those in the know, in an extremely vulnerable state - but now in the UK.

Nobody comes out of this looking holier than thou, quite frankly.

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