Jersey government supports UK remaining in EU

Senator Sir Philip Bailhache, Jersey's External Relations Minister Credit: ITV

The government of Jersey says with a month to go until the UK's EU referendum, the 'status quo' is in the best interests of the Channel Islands.

Jersey representatives in Westminster and Brussels are arguing the case for the UK remaining in the European Union, with voters going to the polls on 23rd of June.

The Channel Islands aren't a part of the EU, but have the same access to it as the UK thanks to two agreements, known as Protocol 3 and Clause 6 which form part of the UK Act of Accession.

In simple terms, it gives the Channel Islands the right to trade goods with Europe and its residents free movement across the continent.

Sir Philip Bailhache, the External Relations Minister in Jersey, says the government doesn't want to change its constitutional relationship with the EU or the UK.

Meanwhile, Deputy Jonathan Le Tocq, is the Guernsey government figure dealing with external relations.

He says he wants Guernsey's relationship of negotiation with the EU to continue.