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Jersey Post's 'Call and Check' initiative could be rolled out across the USA

Jersey post man calls and checks on elderly islander Photo: ITV

A scheme, which sees post men and women check on vulnerable islanders in Jersey, could be used in America.

U.S Health delegates are visiting the island to learn more about the 'Call and Check' initiative.

It's one of just four global schemes American officials are considering introducing to the USA to help improve their health care.

Those involved in the scheme locally are happy to see it attracting international attention.

We are thrilled to have been chosen as a participant in this innovation programme. It’s a really exciting opportunity to showcase 'Call & Check' on a global scale. For visitors to see the service in operation will really bring it to life and help people to see the real benefit of the service within a local community setting.

– Joe Dickinson, Call & Check Project Manager

The delegation were in Southwark, London before coming to Jersey.

Jersey Post has been working with Southwark Council to launch the first inner city trial of the service.

The group will be seeing the service in action before they roll out a pilot scheme back home.