Sophia's Blog: British summer time today, but will it rain!?

In meteorological terms, today is the first day of summer, but will you be hanging your washing out today - heading to the beach or needing an umbrella? Well, normally we would be able to advise you by looking at the radar information that Jersey Met supply, but yesterday we reported that Jersey Mets Radar, situated near Corbiere in La Moye, was to be pulled out of service.

The radar is 25 years old and is one of those objects on the coast line that stands proud and tall, but that many people do not know what it is!

The dome - a large white golf ball shape - is the housing for radar equipment inside. The equipment is being replaced and upgraded by the UK Met Office over the next couple of weeks and because it cant see through the current white dome, that needs to be upgraded too.

Jersey Met had asked the public if anyone had a use for it, and we are awaiting the results!

The radar itself gives Jersey Met, you and me details of where the rain is coming from, the amount (shown in darker colours for the heavier rainfall) and therefore the type of rain we can expect in the Channel Islands area.

The above video, from 's website, shows the last radar data to be accepted through the old equipment before the site was taken down, yesterday afternoon at 4pm.

This data is not going to be available for the next few weeks and that means that if you use an app to see rainfall, it will not be able to give us accurate information of forthcoming rain across the islands.

So what are we going to do?! Well, we cant do much actually. Jersey Met will be using their highly skilled team to take into account other data they have, to predict the details we require, but for you and me who like to see the actual information -we will have to wait and hopefully enjoy a sun filled summer instead!

It is hoped the radar will be up and running for the Jersey Met team in a couple of weeks, but the data needs to be crossed checked before it can be handed out to the public and this could take up to 12 weeks.

So with British Summer time (in the meteorological Calendar) starting today - it would be lovely to think it was going to be dry as no rainfall will show up on the radar! Unfortunately that will not be the case, and I'll keep you updated here, on ITV and on twitter: @SophiaWeather