Guernsey Deputy calls for airport runway extension

Guernsey's runway

A long-term campaigner for the lengthening of Guernsey’s Airport runway is beginning to put together a business case in an attempt to make it happen.

Vice President of the Economic Development Committee, Deputy Jan Kuttelwascher, has always been a supporter of a longer runway and is now taking action by preparing detailed proposals which will be brought before the States.

Economic Development Committee President, Deputy Peter Ferbrache, has already voiced his support for the idea.

It is argued the move would enhance the island's economy.

Currently Guernsey Airport’s runway stands at 1,463m long, but Deputy Kuttelwascher’s plan is to extend it on the east side.

His wants the runway to be at least be 1,706m, which would make it slightly longer than Jersey’s.

President of the IOD, Linda Johnson, this week backed the calls for a longer runway as she said she felt it would benefit business commuters and tourism in the island.