Will you miss the mist? Sophia has some good news about the weather this week!

Lifeboat Spirit of Guernsey returning to harbour whilst Silver Wind is shrouded in fog Credit: Tony Rive

Have you been finding that when you have stepped outside, you didn't have the foggiest idea where you were?!

For a couple of weeks now the islands have been plagued by humid, muggy and moist conditions that have all been tied up with a system that has refused to stop influencing us. It's meant mist and fog patches across the islands, coastal mist, sea fog and generally poor visibility.

Le Don Hilton in fog recently Credit: Karen Wall

For those of you who are frustrated by the fog disrupting flights, or not having a view while walking your dog around the coast line, there is hope on the horizon rather than a blanket of fog!

Poor visibility for boat owners Credit: Trevor Mahy

A front is moving in from the west, and when it does it means we have to put up with a bit of rain - probably sometime around 4pm this afternoon.

Once it clears the islands, around 7pm, we are not left with fresher conditions, as such, but certainly the humidity will be less and as a result there will be no more fog for a few days.

The front leaves us with some sunny periods for the week, the odd isolated shower, and temperatures which will be about average, and for those of you after a more summery set of conditions for the weekend, you are likely to be in luck!

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