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Senator Cameron's reasons for quitting

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Senator Zoe Cameron says she does not 'possess the qualities or stamina required to make an impact in modern day Jersey.'

The Senator has released a statement, having announced her resignation in the States Assembly this morning.

Part of it reads:

As a doctor working in Jersey I have witnessed first hand the way the system deals with those who raise legitimate patient safety concerns. I have faced alarming disciplinary procedures and when investigations into my care of patients revealed nothing that could be referred to the GMC, then my character was dissected. I consider myself one of the fortunate few to have escaped this process with my career and sanity intact, thanks to the amazing support I have received from family and friends.

– Senator Zoe Cameron's statement

She also explained how she was hoping her experience as a doctor would be useful in the States - though Senator Cameron was not chosen to be part of the Heath and Social Services ministerial team.

Her final line was critical of Jersey's Council of Ministers;

Perhaps if the Council of Ministers started answering their own emails and listening like I have, without officers present, to the many legitimate concerns that exist. Without worrying about reputation or compensation payouts, concentrating on what is best for our island. Jersey would not need to spend millions on lawyers, experts consultants, inquiries and investigations that are driving good people out of Jersey.

– Senator Zoe Cameron's statement

Zoe Cameron read her statement her statement on camera outside the States building earlier.

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