Weather blog: Temperatures rocket today

Hot air is moving up from Spain and warming up the islands

Since Sunday, temperatures across the islands have been above average, but the last two days they have been close to record breaking.

Today Jersey is expected to be the hottest of the Channel Islands with temperatures reaching anywhere between 34 and 36 degrees. Guernsey and Aldenrey are only fractionally behind due to the fact they will benefit from the breeze that will impact on the slightly smaller land masses.

The reason for this very hot weather is due to exceptionally hot weather to the south of us, moving up over the continent. In Spain yesterday temperatures peaked at 42 degrees.

We will not experience a heat wave though, you can find out why here.

It was thought we might see a thundery breakdown this week, but in fact the forecast has changed, as have the winds. What it means is that the winds draw in fresher conditions from overnight tonight. The risk of thundery showers has diminished and there is only a small risk of any rainfall. We might find that any rainfall actually evaporates before it reaches the ground overnight as temperatures are still too warm.

The other weather condition we might experience is fog - this is because as the islands cool there may be some condensation occurring, and this is likely to happen around dawn and might disrupt flights tomorrow morning.

We will not see a thundery breakdown after all Credit: Patrick Pleul / DPA/PA Images

The weather continues to look summery though with temperatures still above average and dry conditions through to the weekend. I'll have more in the forecasts throughout the day and also on twitter.

You can watch the latest forecast here.