Olivia's journey: The turtle finally heading for home

Olivia the turtle in her special pool at the GSCPA

Olivia the turtle, who washed up in Guernsey nearly five months ago, is finally heading home after battling for her life at the GSPCA.

The warm blooded animal was found on Vazon beach in early March and nearly died after suffering with cold shock in the winter weather.

Olivia will be flown to a rehabilitation centre in Gran Canaria later today, to continue her treatment.

Loggerhead turtles are normally found in sub tropical waters of the Atlantic Ocean, but it's thought Olivia was thrown off course by stormy waters.

It wasn't the first time this happened either, Terri the turtle washed up in Jersey just before Olivia.

The animal shelter she has lived at since March says she certainly would have died if she hadn't been found: she was emaciated, severely dehydrated and had recently lost a front flipper from a possible propeller accident.