The Channel Islands' Olympic hero, Carl Hester, has told ITV News he's strongly considering competing in his sixth Games in 2020.

Rio 2016 may not be over yet, but the Dressage star, who won team silver last Friday, said he has enjoyed this experience so much he is tempted by Tokyo in four years time, although he will give it further consideration when he returns home from Brazil.

This [Olympic Games] I've actually enjoyed all the way through. I've been busy because I've had three other people to coach so it's actually filled my day up really well. I've not been able to hang around, getting nervous thinking about my performance because I've been worried about the team, so it's actually been a good experience for me so it's slightly inspiring me towards the next [Olympics], yes I think so.


Hester has been hugely influential in Dressage's rise to prominence in Britain.

The country had never won an Olympic medal in the sport prior to London 2012 but now, two Olympics and four medals later, the Sark rider sees a clear legacy being built.

The 49 year old's role in that has been key. Not only has he competed in five Games, but he also coaches the three other members of the team and owns and develops some of the country's elite horses.

Now with interest in the sport growing and membership at Equestrian clubs around the country on the rise the future is looking vibrant for British Dressage.

Mark McQuillan has this report.