Baby aye-aye born at Durrell

A baby aye-aye has entered the world at Durrell Wildlife Park - the first to be born at the park in more than a decade.

The birth is the result of the introduction of mum Ala - who arrived from a zoo in Japan - to Durrell's young male Pan.

The pair had never bred before.

Staff at the Wildlife Park say they are "over the moon" at the breakthrough.

This is the first aye-aye birth here at Durrell Wildlife Park for 13 years and a very important baby for the European aye-aye studbook as neither of its parents have ever bred before.

Leila, Mammal Keeper, Durrell

The new arrival was born on 28th June.

The animals usually nest for around two months after birth, before they venture out to explore their surroundings.

Keepers say Ala is taking very good care of her new baby.

They do not yet know the sex of the arrival as they are staying "hands off".

Mum and baby will be kept out of the public eye until they are ready to enter the on-show area of their enclosure.