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Bowel cancer screening in Guernsey to resume

Credit: Reuters

A bowel cancer screening programme in Guernsey that was cancelled due to staff shortages will resume.

The decision to cancel the scheme in July prompted fears that lives were being put at risk.

Today, the Committee for Health and Social Care has announced The Aberdeen Clinic will carry out screenings for the rest of the year, while the service for 2017 is evaluated.

President of the Committee, Heidi Soulsby, says she wants more flexibility in the funding of the screenings.

In addition to this exciting news, the Committee for Health and Social Care will be taking a policy letter to the Assembly to request that the restriction [...] regarding the type of screening provided, be removed.

Whilst I fully support the ring fencing of funding for this important screening programme, I am concerned that the Requete ties our hands and means we are unable to respond to changes in science and medicine.

– Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President, Committee for Health and Social Care

Those originally on the waiting list will be the first to be contacted for an appointment.