'Keeping Mum Part 3' - a whole family affected

In the next segment of our series focusing on post-natal depression, ITV News spoke to one dad whose life was turned upside down when he discovered his wife was battling postnatal depression.

Cam's wife, who didn't wish to be a part of our report, is still recovering from the postnatal depression she developed in the weeks after giving birth to their son Alexander.

The couple moved to Jersey three years ago, and the distance from their Australian family and the support that comes with it was a big contributor to Cam's wife's condition.

Cam told ITV News the lack of sleep that comes with having a new born caused her to struggle with anxiety and that developed into postnatal depression.

As a family all they could do was hold on 'hour by hour', while they were supported by mental health nurses, midwives, and other departments.

She's making steps on the road to recovery now but those first six months of his life saw a roller-coaster of emotion for their whole family.

Here is Cam's story...