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Loss of species and habitats highlighted in national report


Concerns over the loss of species and key habitats in the Channel Islands are being highlighted in a national report out today.

The 'State of Nature' report was launched in 2013, led by Sir David Attenborough, but this year for the first time research on the Crown Dependencies is included.

In Guernsey it highlights particular concerns over the loss biodiversity across the island, and points to 'changes in the management of coastal grassland.... [which has] led to declines in a number of species such as the blue-winged grasshopper, which is not found in mainland Britain.'

It also raises concerns over the loss of key habitats, such as sand dune grassland, in Herm.

The report also details specific projects which are aimed at monitoring and improving wildlife conservation, such as 'Operation Skylark' which was started by La Societe Guernesiaise last year.

It aims to reintroduce skylarks to Guernsey by providing more appropriate grassland management through cattle grazing, as opposed to mechanical methods.