Will the thunder and lightning continue? Sophia has the latest

Credit: Marc Whitehead

The last 24 hours have given islanders something to talk about!

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are awash with footage and photos of the thundery weather that has passed close, around and over the islands.

It all started yesterday when warm weather combined with a system moving up from Biscay meant humid weather that has broken down and sparked thunderstorms.

Over the lunch period, the skies darkened and eventually there was around 4mm of rainfall before the sun appeared, and in Jersey a temperature of 25.5 degrees was reached - making it the warmest September 13th on record (records go back to 1864).

Our camera man Steve Youinou managed to capture the video below of the lunchtime spectacle.

Then last night between midnight and 3am, there was an equally spectacular show, and another 4mm of rainfall, but the noise woke many islanders who took to their cameras to take impressive lightning photos.

Our gallery of pics continues at the end of this article

The unstable conditions will continue to creep across the islands over the next 24 hours too as there is the risk of thundery showers again tonight and tomorrow, which become more isolated into Thursday night.

After that the window for those hoping to catch the weather conditions on camera, will close. Fresher conditions move in for the weekend and the humidity dies away.

I'm always keen to see your photos, please do send them, and any video clips in to channelweather@itv.com.

Credit: Paul Franklin
Credit: Paul Franklin
Credit: Andrew Chantrell