Power cut leaves Alderney without internet or mobile networks

Businesses around Alderney were left in limbo today after a power cut caused mobile phone networks and internet links to fail for most of the day.

The power cut, which happened at 7:52am, damaged a piece of equipment belonging to Sure.

All internet on the island is provided by Sure and most people use the company as their mobile network provider.

Engineers were flown in to diagnose and repair the fault, even chartering a plane to bring router equipment over.

The internet blackout means many shops couldn't process card payments and the airport was unable to check people in electronically.

Some banks could not affect transfers and companies who conduct their business predominately online were paralysed.

It has lead to calls for diversity of power and communications in the island, to help in the event of a failure.

Sure are flying another piece of equipment over on the 5:55 pm flight which they say should restore service by early evening.

They have apologised for inconvenience.