'Major Asian Hornet nest' destroyed in Alderney

Credit: Robert Anic/PIXSELL / Pixsell/PA Images

A major nest of Asian hornets has been found and destroyed in Alderney.

Today details of a carefully planned operation have been released, which saw pest controllers and a tree surgeon remove what they have described as a 'mature nest', meaning it may have been there for more than a year.

The Asian Hornet can grow up to three centimetres in length and poses a significant threat to honey bees.

They are smaller and less of a threat than the Giant Asian Hornet, and of no greater threat to humans than regular bees, but they can leave a nasty sting.

There are fears that they are on their way over to the UK, following their recent sightings in the Channel Islands.

It is understood DEFRA in the UK has been in contact with Alderney officials over the nest.