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Parents warned of danger of alcohol for young people

New posters released by the government

Guernsey States is warning parents that there is 'no safe level' of alcohol consumption for young people and teenagers.

It's part of Alcohol Awareness Week which is spreading the message that drinking poses a 'serious health risk' for youngsters.

Health Officials say parents should never condone or turn a blind eye to drinking.

One consultant from Guernsey explains that brains can still be developing even in people's twenties, making it 'vulnerable'.

Anyone who has experienced a bad hangover will know that alcohol is not exactly an innocent drug. The developing young brain is particularly vulnerable to alcohol, even in small amounts.

Studies suggest our brains continue to develop into our twenties, meaning we can legally drink while our brains are still growing.

– Dr Greg Lydall, Consultant Psychiatrist
New posters released by the government

A radio campaign is being launched to raise awareness of the issue and posters are being spread across the island.