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Charity calls for 'urgent action' to stop male suicide

A local mental health charity is calling for better cooperation between States services and charitable organisations to help tackle suicide rates in the islands.

They are particularly highlighting the issue of men's mental health, saying "if you are male and poor you are ten times more likely to take your own life".

Suicide is currently the most common cause of premature death in men under 35.

We need to see community based, multi-agency, targeted interventions offering support and messages that work for those at the greatest risk, to reduce the numbers of people taking their own lives.

This is urgent. We are losing too many of our men to suicide and every single death is a tragedy that can wreak devastation in families and communities.

– Claire Teed, Guernsey Samaritans

Men are three times more likely to take their own life than women, and poorer men living in the poorest areas are ten times more likely to kill themselves than affluent men.

– Guernsey Samaritans

People across the Channel Islands are being reminded that there is help available for anyone who needs somewhere to turn.

You're not alone.

There will be people there who can help you. It will be a difficult first step to come forward but find someone you can talk to. It could be a colleague at work, it could be a family member or actually go and see your GP if you are beginning to worry about how you're feeling.

The sooner you can do that, the better, in terms of getting support, getting help and beginning to put things in place.

– James Le Feuvre, Mind Jersey