Storm Angus arrives tonight - Sophia has the latest

This week the wind increased to strong force 6 and 7 and some squally blustery showers, but this is nothing in comparison to the event that is heading our way.

The first storm of the season has been named - Storm Angus will arrive in the next few hours - bringing exceptionally strong winds.

Jersey Met have issued a red wind warning advising islanders to expect storm force 10 winds (up to severe gale force 9 on land).

With the winds comes some heavy rain.

The peak of the winds are expected around 10pm tonight and will last until at least 3am before they very slowly decrease into tomorrow morning to a force 6-7 in Jersey, 6-8 in Guernsey.

Storm Angus is a deep area of low pressure which is moving northeast, across the Channel and into the south and south east coast of England by tomorrow morning.

The winds which could gust up to 75mph across Guernsey and 70mph across Jersey, could be damaging and as a result, by tomorrow morning, islanders could wake to find trees down and possible damage to buildings.

Smaller harbours - such as St Samspn in Guernsey, St Aubin and Gorey in Jersey will also see some choppy waters, and boat owners have already been advised earlier this week to check their moorings.

The tides are not as high as they have been this week, but with a 8.4m high tide at 22.05 in Guernsey, and the winds coming in from south west, Guernsey Met have issued a tide alert stating water may be thrown over the sea walls on the west and east coast of the islands.

The weather will slowly quieten down into Sunday, but Scattered showers are expected, and it will continue to feel cold.